Captain Shorn-beard is complete

The Adventures of Captain Shavedbeard and Friends from Sean Hall on Vimeo. At long last I can post the completed piece.  It started out as an experiment and an attempt to do a short logo bumper in the style Mtv for CRASH + SUES, where I work.  You know, the ones where there’d be some […]

Heath Partners: Individual

Health Partners: Individual from Sean Hall on Vimeo. Yet another spot from the Health Partners campaign.  The majority of the animation has been done in After Effects, but the string was animated in Flash.

Health Partners: Medicare

Heath Partners: Medicare from Sean Hall on Vimeo. Another spot I worked on for CRASH + SUES  via Minneapolis agency Preston Kelly.  It was a fun departure from the rest of the campaign since I was able to focus on one main character and really have fun with his mannerisms.  This was animated entirely with […]

Pen and Ink Illustration Practice

Happy Really Late Halloween

CRASH+SUES Halloween Card from Sean Hall on Vimeo. Halloween fun from a few years back. Enjoy!

Heath Partners

Health Partners from inthegroovemusic on Vimeo. Here’s a spot I worked on for the fantastic people over at Preston Kelly (agency) and of course CRASH+SUES.  I served as Animation Director as well as lead animator.  I was also fortunate to have the help of freelance animator Bret Farley.  This is one of four spots we […]

Pirates are Cool and People Like Them

The Adventures of Captain Shornbeard
So just to keep things going, I’m posting some stills from a side project I’ve been working on.  It was supposed to be a sort of design/animation experiment, and like everything, it has grown out of control. I’ll keep everyone updated on the progress.  Wish me luck.