Captain Shorn-beard is complete

The Adventures of Captain Shavedbeard and Friends from Sean Hall on Vimeo.

At long last I can post the completed piece.  It started out as an experiment and an attempt to do a short logo bumper in the style Mtv for CRASH + SUES, where I work.  You know, the ones where there’d be some crazy animation that would end in something creating the Mtv logo?  Well, it evolved beyond being 5 seconds and it sits somewhere between a bumper and a full blown short film.  The Captain is based off a doodle I made in some meeting where I thought it would be cool to make our logo into a pirate.  Pirates are pretty cool, so it seemed natural to expand on it.  I worked on it on and off for about nine months.  That is to say, I started  it nine months ago, got busy for nine months, then finished it up a couple of weeks ago when I found myself between projects.  It was made in After Effects for those who care to know.  Special thanks to Echo Boys for the sound design. Enjoy!

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